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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a general-use resin that has wide application in products developed for daily life, as well as in all kinds of industrial materials. Petroleum accounts for only about 40% of the raw materials for PVC, and the manufacturing process places a minimum strain on the environment. Moreover, from the aspects of resource conservation, energy saving, and the environment, PVC has great durability and is easy to recycle. It also has a wide range of applications as a substitute for wood. Thus PVC has many excellent characteristics.

Safety Data Sheet Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

Safety Data Sheet Vinyl Chloride Monomer


Caustic Soda

Caustic soda is produced by electrolysis of salt, and is widely utilized in the chemical industry as a fundamental material. It is found in products we use frequently in daily life such as paper, synthetic textiles, soap, and food. It is also widely used in the inorganic chemical products field.

Safety Data Sheet Sodium Hydroxide – 50%